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There are at least 16 mistakes in this drawing.

Can you spot them all?

Send me what you find and I'll send you a percentage

score and some free downloads for playing.

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Someone can bring me a random drawing or part number and I can find the top level assemblies it belongs to in seconds.

Kyle, Design Engineer

Wow, there are a lot of people that would want this.

Engineering Manager, Manufacturing company

I never use our old software anymore. It's not as easy as the navigator.

Engineering Designer, Manufacturing company

User Feedback
on Drawing Navigator

I gave a quick demo to my coworkers that turned into an hour long show and tell. 

Even the engineering manager stopped working for over 45 minutes to test it. He was impressed. Really impressed.

Design Engineer, Manufacturing company

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P.S. If you are an engineer. I will give your entire department free licenses to try Drawing Navigator for 30 days.