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Demo Install And First Use

  • Download Drawing Navigator setup.exe from the email link or website.

  • Click on setup.exe to install the Drawing Navigator software.

    • Note that you might have to click "More Info" on the windows popup and then "Run Anyways" to install the software for the first time.

    • When you click "More Info" it should show that the software was signed by Drawing Navigator LLC.

  • Open the software.

  • Read and accept the End User License Agreement if you agree.

  • The main screen will appear.

  • Start by typing 1000 here.

    • The allowable search terms are limited in the demo version but obviously unlimited in the full version.​

  • Press the Enter key or click the magnifying glass in the search bar to find the drawing for part number 1000.

  • In the columns on the right you can see where this part number is used and what part numbers it contains in the bill of materials.

  • Click the second row for "1002 Rev 1 CHAIR ASSEMBLY" to open that drawing.

  • Change the revision dropdown to 0. The columns update to reflect this revisions data.

  • This revision of part 1002 has additional drawings connected. Select "1002-INSTRUCTIONS" in the dropdown box to view.

  • You can expand the window or resize the Bill-of-Materials and Where-Used columns to see more data.

  • In the standalone demo mode, you can enter part numbers 1000 through 1015 in the search bar to move around the drawings for this furniture set.

  • Contact us for a free trial of the full version using your own drawings to experience how much time you can save.

  • Send us feedback!

    • We love to hear the good and really need to hear the bad!

    • You won't hurt our feelings and we promise to keep the crying to a minimum.

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