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Drawing Directories

This section will guide you through connecting Drawing Navigator to the directories where your PDF drawings are located.

  • Locate the directory where your drawings are located.​

  • Determine the naming structure of your drawings.

    • In my example the drawings are named as <part number> _ <part revision>.pdf.

  • Open Drawing Navigator.

  • Click "Tools" in the menu bar.

  • Click "Options".

  • Click "File Locations".​

  • Paste or type the drawing directory into the "Drawing path:" text box.

    • Alternately you can click the … button to the right of the Drawing Path box and select the directory.

  • Add the template that describes how your PDF drawings are named.​

    • Use literal characters like underscore _ and also special tags <PN>.​
    • Make sure to include the file extension .pdf.
    • Example: part number = 1234, revision = 0
    • <PN> is the entire part number.

      • Template: <PN>.pdf ​

      • Matches: 1234.pdf

    • <PN,start,length> is a portion of the part number.

      • Template: <PN,0,2>.pdf ​

      • Matches: 12.pdf

    • <R> is the revision.

      • Template: <PN>_<R>.pdf ​

      • Matches: 1234_0.pdf

    • <SKIP> will skip characters between other tags

      • Template: <PN><SKIP>.pdf ​

      • Matches: 1234P.pdf

  • After your template is created click the Add button to insert it into the directory list.

    • To delete a template location, select it in the directory list and then click the Delete button.

    • To show the example part number below the drawing path box, select a template in the directory list and it will show up to help you check your template formatting.

  • For an example I will use the example directory "C:\Users\Kyle\Desktop\drawings\".

    • In this folder I have my test drawing named 1015_0.pdf.

    • My template would be: C:\Users\Kyle\Desktop\drawings\<PN>_<R>.pdf

  • Repeat the above steps for every directory where your drawings are located.​

  • Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the options screen.

  • You have now successfully added your drawing directories.

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