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giving engineers
their time back

Save valuable hours with the remarkably fast drawing browser that adds engineering data right on top of your PDFs - automatically.

Item balloon preview

Preview drawings before you open them with Drawing Navigator's item balloon previews.

Drawing Navigator is a powerful browser built specifically for machinery design engineers.

Your New Workflow - It Just Works

Drawing Navigator in use

Real usage of Drawing Navigator moving through a design package in record time.

1. You need information from a drawing.

  • ​Type any part number for instant responses.

  • Autocomplete suggestions show as you type.

  • Comprehensive search on part number, description, tags, and your custom text fields.

Live Autocomplete

2. You get what you need with no wasted time searching.

  • Answer your customer's questions in record time.

  • Load any drawing in 0.4 seconds.

  • See child part drawings by clicking on the item balloons.

item balloon preview.gif

Item Balloon Preview

3. Understand designs and see how it's all connected.

bom preview
  • No part exists by itself. See how it fits into the overall design.

  • See all drawings in the Bill-of-Materials list.

  • Look at everywhere your part is used in a Where-Used list.

  • Compare drawing revisions and see the differences.

BOM Part Previews

4. Easily export what you need.

  • Export the current search, BOM, or where-used to a CSV file.

  • Quickly email a drawing by saving a copy to your desktop.

  • Create a design package PDF that includes every drawing in the design.

file menu.png

Quick Action Menu

Why does this matter?

Everyone in your company uses PDFs.

PDFs are an irreplaceable part of many design and manufacturing companies. They are a mainstay from cost-estimating and R&D all the way through component purchasing and final production.

Engineering time is valuable and scarce. 

Spend your limited engineering hours wisely and get the most out of them.

Don't waste valuable engineering time redesigning parts that already exist.

You can save time and money across the entire business.

circle number 1 inside.png
circle number 2 inside.png
search drawings with software.png

Type any part number.

View the drawing instantly.

circle number 3 inside.png
gear single.png
robot arm.png
drone quadcopter.png
wind turbine.png

Open related parts with a click.

Why Engineers Never Stop Using This


Time Savings

11+ hours saved per user every month because we can find what we need instantly.


Largest Import

5,400+ Part Numbers
17,000+ Bill Of Material Entries
< 3 Second Import Time


Largest Database

20,000+ Part Numbers

64,000+ Bill Of Material Entries

< 1 Second Drawing Load Time


User Frequency

57% Daily
33% Weekly 
10% Monthly

I never use our old software anymore. It's not as easy as the navigator.

Engineering Designer, Manufacturing Company

A quick demo turned into an hour long show and tell. 

Even the engineering manager stopped working for over 45 minutes to test it. He was impressed. Really impressed.

Design Engineer, Manufacturing Company

Someone can bring me a random drawing or part number and I can find the top level assemblies it belongs to in seconds.

Kyle, Design Engineer

Drawing Navigator In One Sentence



Drawing Navigator links your PDF drawings to your bill-of-materials and allows you to move up and down the BOM structure to easily see how drawings are linked together.

Make Your Drawings Interactive

Switch between revisions to 


Open this

manual RA.

It's listed in a


Open drawing 7523 by just clicking on it

See that 8573 is used in other drawings.

Find this

drawing by searching for

these tags.



sales order:



big buyer

Lots of useful information is hidden in your CAD PDFs. Try the online demo for yourself here.

Focused On You - Engineering Solutions

Don't settle for software built around someone else's needs.

You don't want to use software made for production or, worst of all, accountants. *shudder*

Real Engineering Problems Being Solved


40+ years of design drawings from multiple product acquisitions impossible to find.


Any drawing can be found in 0.4 seconds.

Watch Drawing Navigator In Action

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All Videos

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What You Get With Drawing Navigator


Where Used

    Where used reports are some of the most valuable tools that engineers have at their disposal. These reports show what drawings contain the current part and what problems would arise from making changes.

    None of your parts exist in isolation, so you should not have to view them alone either.


Simple Interface

    You will find this browser-like interface familiar and easy to use. No steep learning curve means you can get up and running quickly. Searching for, and loading, a CAD drawing is as quick as typing the part number.



    Bookmark popular CAD drawings so you have single click access for quick reference.

ab testing monitor.png

Revision Compare

    Automatically highlights differences between drawing revisions for easy review. Tools to help you manually review revision changes are also provided.

man install puzzle piece.png


Will it work with my current software suite?

    In Short: Yes!
    No costly migrations required.

    In Long: Affirmative!

    Drawing Navigator has multiple ways to sync with your existing software.

    Directly coupled to SQL databases via custom views that allow the most seamless experience.

    Indirectly coupled to your software by linking to a spreadsheet template that is exported at regular intervals.

    Directly attached to a spreadsheet template for project specific navigation.

    Independent from your software by creating its own database from OCR on existing PDF drawings.

paper with magnifying glass.png


    Finding CAD drawings with a manual search can take you up to 27.8 seconds each when they are digitally stored. Drawing Navigator reduces your search time to 0.5 seconds each.

    If you are looking at only 50 drawings per day you will gain an extra 11+ hours a month to spend on something worthwhile.

calendar 10 dots.png

Purpose Built

    Drawing Navigator is built on a decade of experience by a design engineer who now uses this software when designing over $1M of custom industrial equipment each year.
    The immense amount of CAD drawings created in this process are easily searched and cross-referenced for use in other projects and customer support questions.

    A generic PDF viewer is not designed for the demands of an experienced engineer but Drawing Navigator was designed around them.


Legacy Paper Drawings

    Legacy paper CAD drawings are not a problem either, optical character recognition, OCR, is used to automatically read scanned paper blueprints and build a searchable database with minimal effort.

    You can have modern day conveniences like search and where-used with your legacy drawings and see the efficiency difference.


Searchable Tags

    Add custom searchable tags to any of your drawings. Save serial numbers, special materials, outside processing, sales order numbers, and anything else you want to sort by.

teaching at whiteboard to people.png


What about training?    

    No matter if it's a demo or a purchase, I will personally train all of your users for free.

    I will be available until everyone is completely trained and comfortable with Drawing Navigator, regardless of how long it takes.

What if new users are added later?

    I will treat them the same way.

rewind icon.png

Revision History

    Quickly see older revisions of drawings. You will be able to easily compare the differences between all drawing revisions. Simply select the desired revision and you can easily follow a drawing's changes throughout its lifecycle.

chain link.png


    Link work instructions and other related documents to any CAD drawing so they can be opened and referenced everywhere they are needed. 

    Have a manufacturer's maintenance guide for a gearbox in your assembly? Simply link that document to your CAD drawing to always be a click away from the information that you need.

up arrow and down arrow.png

Bill Of Materials

    You are a click away from any drawing that references a part in the drawing you are looking at. Bill of material links let you move down the drawings just like the where-used lets you move up.

hierarchy large.png

Map View

    View your drawing bill-of-material and where-used hierarchy in a map style view. Visually see connected drawings without opening each one for quick and easy access.

Welcome To Your New Engineering Browser

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