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Get More Value From Every Engineering Hour

A Remarkably Fast Drawing Viewer That Overlays Important Data Directly Onto PDFs

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Drawing Navigator is a powerful browser built specifically for machinery design engineers.

Everyone Uses

PDFs are an irreplaceable part of many design and manufacturing companies. They are a mainstay from cost-estimating and R&D all the way through component purchasing and final production.

PDFs stored in decades of project folders are hard to find or can even get lost entirely. Parts end up being redesigned even though they already exist wasting valuable engineering effort.

Spend your limited engineering hours wisely and get the most out of them. Don't redesign existing parts and instantly find those parts with smart-search and custom tags. Drawing Navigator links your PDF drawings together and allows you to move up and down the drawing tree.

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Type any part number.

View the drawing instantly.

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Open related parts with a quick click.

See What Customers Are


Time Savings

11+ hours saved per user every month because we can find what we need instantly.


Largest Import

5,400+ Part Numbers
17,000+ Bill Of Material Entries
< 3 Second Import Time


Largest Database

20,000+ Part Numbers

64,000+ Bill Of Material Entries

< 1 Second Drawing Load Time


User Frequency

57% Daily
33% Weekly 
10% Monthly

I never use our old software anymore. It's not as easy as the navigator.

Engineering Designer, Manufacturing Company

A quick demo turned into an hour long show and tell. 

Even the engineering manager stopped working for over 45 minutes to test it. He was impressed. Really impressed.

Design Engineer, Manufacturing Company

Someone can bring me a random drawing or part number and I can find the top level assemblies it belongs to in seconds.

Kyle, Design Engineer

Move Up And Down The
Drawing Tree



Drawing Navigator links your PDF drawings to your bill of materials and allows you to move up and down the BOM structure to easily see how drawings relate to each other.

Get What You Need In

One Click

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  • Export the current search, BOM, or where-used to a CSV file.

  • Save a copy of the current drawing to your desktop.

  • Create a design package PDF that includes every drawing in the design.

Response Time


  • Autocomplete suggestions as you type.

  • Load any drawing in 0.4 seconds.

  • Comprehensive search on part number, description, tags, and your custom text fields.

Make Your Drawings Interactive

Switch between revisions to 


Open this

manual RA.

It's listed in a


Open drawing 7523 by just clicking on it

See that 8573 is used in other drawings.

Find this

drawing by searching for

these tags.



sales order:



big buyer

Lots of useful information is hidden in your CAD PDFs. Try the online demo for yourself here.

Understand Designs With
Map View

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The map can be moved with the mouse and zoomed in/out to quickly understand a design and see how everything is connected.

Focused On You With
Engineering Solutions

Don't settle for software built around someone else's needs.

You don't want to use software made for production or, worst of all, accountants. *shudder*

Real Engineering Problems Being Solved


40+ years of design drawings from multiple product acquisitions impossible to find.


Any drawing can be found in 0.4 seconds.

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